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 The Mission to Seafarers


"You see the old man outside the seaman's mission,
another forgotten hero in a world that does not care." 

The Psalmist reminds us of those who "go down to the sea in ships and make their trade in the deep waters, these men have seen the works of God, and his wonders in the deep" (Psalm 107 v23).  The quote at the top of this page comes from the popular folk song, 'The Streets of London'.  The Mission to Seafarers is fortunate to have been in a position past and present to show that seafarers are not forgotten heroes, that there are those of us who care, and in doing so show that God cares. 

The Mission to Seafarers is one of the main world mission agencies of the Anglican Church. It's aim is to meet the practical and spiritual needs of seafarers of all races and creeds. It shares it's faith by offering friendship, hospitality, comfort in times of distress, aid in emergencies, spiritual support, counselling for those with problems and help in cases of injustice.

The Mission to Seafarers had its origins in the work of one man, The Revd Dr John Ashley, who in 1835, perceived a need and began a ministry of ship visiting in the Bristol Channel. He was forced to retire through ill health in 1850, but his inspiration encouraged others, and in 1856 The Missions to Seamen was constituted. (The society changed it's name to The Mission to Seafarers on the 4th April 2000). Although the Society's origins were in England in the 19th Century, it has encompassed the world, and is found throughout nearly all the provinces of the Anglican Communion. As the Mission to Seafarers seeks to keep pace with the changing patterns of the shipping industry, the need for it's ministry today is as strong as when it was first founded.

The Mission to Seafarers “Flying Angel Club” in Newport, is to be found at the Alexandra Dock Gate. It provides a bar, shop and facilities for seafarers, and means to contact families. Within the Flying Angel Club, is the Chapel of S. Peter, where Mass is celebrated every Tuesday at 7pm.  

The Mission to Seafarers, Newport Dock
The Mission to Seafarers, Newport Dock

The Chapel of S. Peter
The Chapel of S. Peter

The Mission to Seafarers
Alexandra Docks
South Wales
Tel: 44 1633 265683
Fax: 44 1633 265683
or via e-mail

Chairman: Mr. Edward Watts
Honorary Chaplain: Fr. Edward Mathias-Jones SSC

For further information on the work of the Mission to Seafarers you can visit their website.


Adeline Street, PiLLgwenlly, Newport, South Wales, NP20 2HA